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Anders L. Hansson.     PR and Business consultant. Runs  Annors Development - a consultancy with services in Communications and Business Development.


Anders L. Hansson.     PR- och Affärskonsult. Driver Annors Development - ett konsultföretag verksamt inom Kommunikation och Affärsutveckling.


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Communications & Business Development Consultancy


Public Affairs, Communications and Business Development are at the core of what Annors Development is doing for its clients. Our expertise in Analysis of Government Policies and Markets sets us apart and makes sure that measures in Communications and Business Development rest on a solid foundation.


With  Malmö - Copenhagen / The Öresund region as our home base, with experience from a number of markets, and with business partners in several countries, Annors Development has an excellent platform to meet the demands of a great variety of businesses and organizations.


Concepts for continuous activity in the internet world - Rimligt Social guarantees continued presence and activity for your business in the digital world, commonly known as "social media".


Rimligt Social is a joint-venture of Anders L. Hansson and business partner.






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Member of

Malmö 1 August 2012


Rimligt Social - new joint-venture goes public





Board member of

Having been in process since spring, Rimligt Social finally has gone public on August 1, 2012. This joint-venture of Anders L. Hansson and business partner Matteus Åkesson is aiming for new and more business-focused ways to sell and implement internet presence and social media in companies and organizations.




Malmö - Barcelona 19 October 2011

Meetings in Barcelona

After several months of preparations, Annors Development last week received a dozen of editorial writers and journalists from Sweden in Barcelona. Before leaving the Catalan capital today, Anders L. Hansson held meetings with local contacts.






Malmö - Allinge 18 July 2011


Folkemødet 2011 - business & politics meet on Bornholm


For the first time ever, Folkemødet was arranged in Allinge, on the Danish island of Bornholm, from 15 through 18 of June. Annors Development was there in order to make new connections and gather information for up-coming projects.






Business meeting in the capital of Poland


Malmö – Warszawa 12 July 2010


Well aware of the fact that Poland is one of the strongest growth economies in Europe, Anders L. Hansson traveled to Warsaw for discussions on a business proposal.






5-month contract with Aspekta AB

Annors Development maintains a network of close business partners as well as as a more widespread network of contacts for ad hoc tasks.

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Malmö 12 April 2010


Southern Sweden's leading PR and Communications agency, Aspekta AB in Malmö, has contracted Anders L. Hansson for a period of five months, starting today.






High-ranking Öresund official visits Catalunya


Malmö - Barcelona 27 October 2009

Mr. Mikael Stamming, Director of the Committee of Öresund, paid a two day visit to the Government of Catalunya for discussions on interregional and crossborder cooperation in Europe. Anders L. Hansson accompanied Mr. Stamming and was also responsible for the thorough preparations.






SceltoChoice in action


Lund 8 July 2009


The already operative joint-venture of Katikka Gasper Ståhl and Anders L. Hansson, announced earlier this summer has been named SceltoChoice and is now present also on the web.






New business in the making


Lund 4 June 2009


At a meeting in Lund today, Katikka Gasper Ståhl and Anders L. Hansson agreed to join forces. By setting up a business together, the two entrepreneurs count on mutual benefits by complementing each other and building on their respective strenghts.

Regional autonomy »

As top politicians from Skåne gathered for discussions, Anders L. Hansson was invited to talk on regional autonomy.



Indeed new perspectives!


Check out the blog. Read articles and editorial page columns by Anders L. Hansson. Published in Skånska Dagbladet and elsewhere:


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The Scanian Development Day 2009


Malmö - Ystad 26 April 2009


Once again the regional government of Scania, Region Skåne, organized the annual Scanian Development Day. A day filled with insights and knowledge, fundamental for the exciting development that Scania and the Öresund region expect for the coming years and decades.


Anders L. Hansson has been rewarded for his 1997 thesis on Germany's federal system - after eight years of waiting!


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Alimentaria 2008 - Food, Wine and Water...


Barcelona 14 March 2008


Annors Development continues efforts in the wine business. Anders L. Hansson meets with Ricard and Julieta from Mas Foraster winery.


To learn more about European and global security as well as foreign policies, Anders L. Hansson participated in a journalist conference in Vienna.


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Annors Development closes deal


Montblanc - Barcelona 31 October 2007

Invitation to Brussels »

The prize-winning Mas Foraster winery has signed a contract with Annors Development. The objective is to find efficient distribution channels in Scandinavia.


MEP Ms. Lena Ek invited a number of individuals from media, business and politics for a two day stay in Brussels.


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Meeting with management of hospital CIMA in Barcelona


Barcelona 11 July 2007

Together with business partner Sergi M. Gil Puy, Anders L. Hansson from Annors Development today met with top management of the private CIMA hospital in Barcelona. The aim is to find a way for further internationalization of the high-quality services that CIMA offers.


Anders L. Hansson  is back as an independent columnist in Skånska Dagbladet, a leading regional daily in Scania, Sweden.


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Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce held Assembly


Barcelona 21 March 2007

As The Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona gathered for its annual General Assembly, Anders L. Hansson was elected a board member.


Annors Development performed a mission for an international NGO based in The Hague, The Netherlands.


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Barcelona Degusta - where the consumer is in focus


Barcelona 5 March 2007


Yet another significant food and beverage fair has taken place in Barcelona. 525 exhibitors and 42.000 visitors attended the second edition of Barcelona Degusta.






Business Luncheon with Sweden's embassador


Barcelona 30 November 2006


Some 50 curious people gathered for a business luncheon in Barcelona as Sweden's embassador in Spain came to town.






Hostelco - The tourism summit of Barcelona


Barcelona 25 October 2006


Annors Development was present at one of the world's leading fairs for the hotel and restaurant industries. Kitchen machinery, electronic equipment, coffee and famous chefs were all important parts of this event.





Annors Development joins Chamber of Commerce


Barcelona 25 May 2006


Striving for an ever-growing network, Annors Development has now become a member of The Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona.





Alimentaria - The food and beverage fair of the year


Barcelona 10 March 2006


For five full days they met in Barcelona: manufacturers and distributors of foods, soft-drinks, beer, wine as well as companies specializing in the needs of restaurants.





Complex services and Foods in focus


Stockholm - Barcelona 10 February 2006


During his visit to Stockholm, Anders L. Hansson met with leading representatives of future-oriented industries. Complex services and foods were in focus.





Journey to Scania and Stockholm


Scania - Stockholm - Barcelona 30 January 2006


Today, Monday, Anders L. Hansson is leaving Barcelona for a two week journey to Malmö / Scania and Stockholm for meetings with old and new contacts in business and politics.





Annors Development: New steps in International Sales


Barcelona December-January 2005 / 2006


A row of meetings have been held with representatives of a company in the food processing industry.





Market research at Scandinavian journey


Stockholm - Copenhagen - Barcelona 23 December 2005


This week Anders L. Hansson visited companies in Stockholm and Copenhagen to find out more about their needs for the unique know-how offered by Sicurex and ISVI, Bogotá, Colombia.





Talks with business leader in Colombia


Bogotá - Barcelona October 2005


During his current trip to Colombia, Anders L. Hansson held talks with the principal owner and president of Sicurex and ISVI.




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