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Anders L. Hansson is founder and sole owner of Annors Development.

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Annors Development offers innovative consultancy to local and international customers. We perform qualified research and analysis of markets as well as government policies. In a continous dialogue with the client, we suggest measures to be taken in order to meet desired objectives. In the process that follows, we assist with communication, marketing and business development.


Communications - Public Relations - Analysis - Business Development, these are our fields of expertise. In close cooperation with business partners, we have the tools to combine an excellent analysis with communication and business development, creating real results.


Anders L. Hansson



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Annors Development is a private business with its legal base in Malmö, Sweden / European Union.

Organizational number 690929-4073.

The company holds a business taxticket (F-skattsedel).






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Learn about The Annors Vision and The Annors Concept.

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Why was the company named Annors Development? When and why was Annors Development founded?

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