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From 2004 and for some ten years, I was an independent consultant. The name of the consultancy was Annors Development. I worked alone and in cooperation with business partners, at home and abroad.


Annors Development offered innovative consultancy to local and international customers. We performed qualified research and analysis of markets as well as government policies. In a continous dialogue with the client, we suggested measures to be taken in order to meet desired objectives. We assisted with communication, marketing and business development.


Communications - Public Relations - Analysis - Business Development, these were our fields of expertise. Combining excellent analysis with communication and business development, we helped clients to create real results.


During its years of existence, Annors Development had clients in The Hague, Barcelona, Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen. A special mission was to connect the Øresund region with Barcelona, and vice versa, hence the business operated under the the words "- frå Skåne ti Barcelona!" ("- from Scania to Barcelona!").


Annors Development was at home in Malmö-Copenhagen (Scandinavia) but based on experience and network of business partners, the company stated that "we feel at home in many places across Europe and the Americas. We also maintain business contacts in other parts of the world."



The Annors Vision

Annors Development's vision was expressed as "a world that is well connected through extensive trade and comprehensive exchange of sophisticated ideas, safeguarding cultural heritage, global opportunities and human progress".



The Annors Concept

Annors Development was founded to meet the complex needs of business and politics with a global outlook, thereby contributing to The Annors Vision. The concept was described as follows:


"We are devoted to a simultaneous local and global approach, aiming at a holistic analysis, leaving no essential information out.


Local and global are no contradictions. Globalization brings new knowledge to our homes, and our local knowledge reaches anyone worldwide. New technology enables the world to connect in unpredecented ways.


With all the good that globalization brings, it is easy to realize the importance of preserving and developing our local and regional knowledge.


Economy and culture are closely interwoven. At the same time as we welcome new influences in our homes and cultures, we also need to be aware of the value that our cultural heritage possesses - not the least in economic terms.


The better we manage to combine cultural heritage with an open attitude to new influences, the better our chances will be to use the great opportunities that a world without boundaries brings.


Annors Development is devoted to this vision and concept by its name and and history."



The Annors History

Annors Development was founded as a means of offering services in analysis and markets. The company buildt on Anders L. Hansson's international background experience in governmental administration, various industries, media, politics and the NGO sector.


Annors is how "Anders" is pronounced in Scanian - the historic language in the region of Scania, once part of Denmark, today the southern most region of Sweden - and the ancestrous country of company founder Anders L. Hansson.


Development is what it's all about.


The history of Annors Development is closely linked to its vision and concept.



Services & Products

The services of Annors Development were specified as:


  • Public relations - Communications - Social Media
  • Project Management - Business Support
  • Analysis of Markets and Government Policies
  • Business Development - Strategic Consulting
  • Market research - Market surveys - Business Intelligence
  • International Sales - International Recruitment
  • Editorials/Columns - Journalistic services - Copywriting


Working languages:


Scandinavian, English, German, Catalan, Spanish, Polish, French


Services were offered to the Business sector, Public administration, NGO's, Newspapers.


Some of the services that Annors Development offered, in depth:

Communications, Social Media and PR


In cooperation with business partners, Annors Development offers services in communications, social media and PR. Among specialties are communication platforms for internal and external communication, as well as communication plans and social media. Strategic thinking is key, and being operational is a must to achieve cost efficiency.

Annors Development is local and global


Anything we do at home, we can do also elsewhere. Maybe not everywhere, but we do have experience of many places and business partners abroad to assist us.

Analysis of Markets and Government Policies


Based on experience from private business, government and EU administration, politics - and the borderlands between all of these - Annors Development performs qualified analysis of markets and government policies.

Business Development


Annors Development assists your business or organization to develop itself - not only by means of communications - but by reaching out to new markets. Market research and strategic advice may be a start. When it's time to get operational, we can offer Project Management, Business Support, International Sales as well as International Recruitment.

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