"Networking forms an integral part of our business and our network means everything to us"

Anders L. Hansson has a long track record of networking. A natural interest in keeping in touch and communicating has turned out to be the single most valuable asset. The network of friends and contacts built up through the years, extends from politics to business and NGOs - in most parts of the world.

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Member of


InterNations    Malmö / Copenhagen



Board member of

Swedish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona


Former member of


Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland in Barcelona

in cooperation with

Junior Chamber International


The American Society of Barcelona


The American Club of Sweden

Business Partners


Being an independent consultancy, a strong network of close business partners as well as an extensive network of contacts for ad hoc tasks is of outmost importance. Our networks include a vaste number of persons, of which you will find many connected through social network tools such as Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

At Annors Development we are always interested in getting to know more people and businesses, expanding our horizons and deepening our knowledge base. Below you can read about some of our business partners. And do please make sure that you are connected to us!





Asgard Consulting - Sergi M Gil Puy - Barcelona, Catalunya

Long time business partner Sergi M Gil Puy is a partner in projects that involve commercial and political exchange between Scandinavia and Barcelona / Catalunya / Spain / France / Italy. Asgard Consulting and Annors Development are solving a number of tasks together, among them, to find distributors in Scandinavia for Spanish companies, and to assist Scandinavian organizations, politicians and companies to find their way in to Catalunya and Spain - or just the other way around.

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Lindskov! - Lars Lindskov - Roskilde, Denmark

Lindskov is well-connected in Denmark's commercial and political life, and a highly trusted business partner of Annors Development. Solving challenges of corporate boards as well as management, or assisting organizations to communicate their message to society and politics, these are among the specialties of Lindskov. Hence, Lars Lindskov and his staff is the natural choice for cooperation when Annors Development works cross-Öresund.

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Matteus Åkesson - Lund, Sweden

Matteus Åkesson has a background in sales, market research and business development. He is a familiar profile in business circles of Skåne, in particular in Malmö and Lund. In 2012, Matteus Åkesson and Anders L. Hansson founded a joint-venture: Rimligt Social guarantees presence and continuous activity for companies and organizations in the digital world.








Angels Bueno - Barcelona, Catalunya

Our specialist in wine, enotourism and tourism in general, with a special focus on Barcelona and the breathtaking Catalan countryside surrounding the cosmopolitan city, Angels Bueno is also a resource in several related professional areas.





Merapol - Odenilde Olsson - Sweden / Brazil

Merapol is an important resource when it comes to engineering and international trade with industrial products. Eventhough plastics is a specialty of Brazil-born Odenilde Olsson, she is a a resource in various fields and of course a specialist when it comes to commercial-industrial relations Sweden/Scandinavia - Brazil.

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