Communications,  Social Media and PR

In cooperation with business partners, Annors Development offers services in communications, social media and PR. Among specialties are communication platforms for internal and external communication, as well as communication plans and social media. Strategic thinking is key, and being operational is a must to achieve cost efficiency.


Analysis of Markets and Government Policies

Based on experience from private business, government and EU administration, politics - and the borderlands between all of these - Annors Development performs qualified analysis of markets and government policies.

Services & Products


Public relations - Communications - Social Media

Project Management - Business Support

Analysis of Markets and Government Policies

Business Development - Strategic Consulting

Market research - Market surveys - Business Intelligence

International Sales - International Recruitment


Editorials/Columns - Journalistic services - Copywriting




Languages that we work in include:

Scandinavian, English, German, Catalan, Spanish, Polish, French


We provide services to the Business sector, Public administration, NGO's, Newspapers.






Business Development

Annors Development assists your business or organization to develop itself - not only by means of communications - but by reaching out to new markets. Market research and strategic advice may be a start. When it's time to get operational, we can offer Project Management, Business Support, International Sales as well as International Recruitment.


Annors Development is local and global

Anything we do at home, we can do also elsewhere. Maybe not everywhere, but we do have experience of many places and business partners abroad to assist us.

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