The Annors Vision

Our vision is a world that is well connected through extensive trade and comprehensive exchange of sophisticated ideas, safeguarding cultural heritage, global opportunities and human progress.

The Annors Concept

Annors Development was founded to meet the complex needs of business and politics with a global outlook, thereby contributing to The Annors Vision.

We are devoted to a simultaneous local and global approach, aiming at a holistic analysis, leaving no essential information out.

Local and global are no contradictions. Globalization brings new knowledge to our homes, and our local knowledge reaches anyone worldwide. New technology enables the world to connect in unpredecented ways.

With all the good that globalization brings, it is easy to realize the importance of preserving and developing our local and regional knowledge.

Economy and culture are closely interwoven. At the same time as we welcome new influences in our homes and cultures, we also need to be aware of the value that our cultural heritage possesses - not the least in economic terms.

The better we manage to combine cultural heritage with an open attitude to new influences, the better our chances will be to use the great opportunities that a world without boundaries brings.

Annors Development is devoted to this vision and concept by its name and and history.







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